The digital age calls for your aggressive presence in social media. Today’s customer spends more time on social media than on TV, newspaper or any other digital media. If you have not stepped in to greet them in social media – give a serious thought and step in to the social world .

We understand the small business need where you are too busy and not aware with dynamics of social media. Get in touch with us and we will give you customised solution from basic to advance entry. From presence to aggressive marketing , we can design plans suitable to your budget, time and willingness to share.

Our services

  • Social Media Posts and Content Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing Plans
  • Building Fans / Followers
  • Instagram and Facebook Paid Advertising options
  • Instagram Stories Posting
  • Creating and Managing Facebook and Instagram Shop
  • Making and Posting You tube videos

Contact us for your specific needs and we will give you personalised services without any binding contracts.